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In the summer of 2016, our President Ashley Felton worked in the tech industry, Ms. Felton and her colleagues were determined to get their certifications to increase their pay and position at their job. Due to training not being available in their area at that time, Ms. Felton decided to start a study group of IT professionals. That group went from 5 to 30 people in a few weeks. As they came together and studied, one by one the members of the group began to receive increased wages in their pay, new opportunities, and new careers in the tech industry. President Felton realized this would be a wonderful opportunity to let others in her community know about the lucrative yet challenging careers in the tech industry. In August of 2017, she created Systematech.

Systematech first location opened its classes and training to the public at The Georgia Cyber Center in Augusta, GA. There, Systematech instructors were able to skill up over 60 students, all of whom either excelled in their current careers, landed new opportunities, or advanced their training into college and universities. Being stuck by the pandemic in the year 2020, Systematech was forced to adopt online training which propelled them into becoming a global training company. Skilling students from South Carolina, Tennessee, and the UK.

Now fully virtual Systematech is able to reach further to impact our workforce for the work of technology. Our contribution to the global technology community is more than just IT training. Technology’s expanding reach is making every level of staff some sort of technology professional. The hyper-focused, specialty roles aren’t going anywhere—they’re more necessary than ever—but we also must account for the T-shaped skills. Thus, we train beyond the traditional IT topics and train more people than corporate IT.

We exist to address the total skills profile of technology professionals.

Whether you’re managing mission-critical technology initiatives, developing your technical talent pipeline, or taking IT products and services to market, our innovative and flexible learning solutions will help equip you for success. 





Our mission is to equip our community for the work of technology. Our goal is to upskill  our workforce for the work of technology.

To help our community gain the skills necessary to change the trajectory of community member livelihood.

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