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System Administrator Training




8 Weeks

About the Course

You will also need to respond to customer service queries via a remote system such as email or the telephone. In order to do this effectively, you will learn how to develop skills that will help you interact with customers in a positive and professional manner, as a remote customer service representative.
The new CompTIA Linux+ is geared to teach the learner who will use Linux to manage everything from cars and smartphones to servers and supercomputers, as a vast number of enterprises use Linux in cloud, cybersecurity, mobile and web administration applications.

In the new CompTIA Linux+, candidates are only required to pass one exam for certification. However, the new certification is no longer eligible for the LPI 2-for-1 offer.

CompTIA Linux+ is the only job-focused Linux certification covering the latest foundational skills demanded by hiring managers.
Unlike other certifications, the new exam includes performance-based and multiple-choice questions to identify the employees who can do the job.
The exam covers tasks associated with all major distributions of Linux, setting the foundation for advanced vendor/distro-specific knowledge.
CompTIA Linux+ Power by LPI will be available through October 1, 2019, at which time will retire and not be available. CompTIA Linux+ covers common tasks in major distributions of Linux, including the Linux command line, basic maintenance, installing and configuring workstations, and networking.

% of Exam
Hardware and System Configuration -21%
Systems Operation and Maintenance -26%
Security -19%
Linux Troubleshooting and Diagnostics -20%
Automation and Scripting -14%

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