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What’s included

  • Content mapped to Project+ exam objectives (PK0-004)
  • Hands-on Activities designed to put knowledge into practice
  • Video demonstrations of key activities
  • Practice questions that check for understanding
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Access to the CompTIA Learning Center

What you’ll learn

The Official CompTIA Project+ Student Guide has been developed by CompTIA for the CompTIA certification candidate. Rigorously evaluated by third party subject matter experts to validate coverage of the Project+ exam objectives, The Official CompTIA Project+ Student Guide teaches the essential skills and information needed to troubleshoot and problem solve, helps learners understand a wide variety of issues ranging from networking and operating systems to mobile devices and security, and prepares candidates to take the CompTIA Project+ certification exam (PK0-004).

Accessing the Course Materials

An access key and instructions for accessing the CompTIA Learning Center, the online platform through which the eBook and all digital materials as described above are delivered, are emailed within 3-4 hours of purchase. The eBook is provided in an interactive online version, along with a downloadable PDF.

Access keys must be redeemed within 12 months of purchase.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Defining Project Management Fundamentals

Lesson 2: Initiating the Project

Lesson 3: Planning the Project

Lesson 4: Preparing to Develop the Project Schedule

Lesson 5: Developing the Project Schedule

Lesson 6: Planning Project Costs

Lesson 7: Planning Human Resources and Quality Management

Lesson 8: Communicating During the Project

Lesson 9: Planning for Risk

Lesson 10: Planning Project Procurements

Lesson 11: Planning for Change and Transitions

Lesson 12: Executing the Project

Lesson 13: Executing the Procurement Plan

Lesson 14: Monitoring and Controlling Project Performance

Lesson 15: Monitoring and Controlling Project Constraints

Lesson 16: Monitoring and Controlling Project Risks

Lesson 17: Monitoring and Controlling Procurements

Lesson 19: Closing the Project

CompTIA Project+ Student Guide (Exam PK0-004) and eBook

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