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Professional Development Training

Good business skills are crucial in any career. Learn about financial literacy, leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence. Focus on what you need to do to be more productive, hone your creativity, or give a great presentation.

Financial Literacy

How do banks work? Are you saving enough for retirement? Considering the answers to these questions and understanding financial basics is critical to planning a strong financial future. This course breaks down the mystery around the financial industry and provides practical knowledge for everyone, so you can manage accounts in an informed way, whether you are working with a financial advisor or not. Topics covered include savings, investments, insurance, retirement, and more.

Credit Card

Leadership Training

Become a successful leader through planning, leveraging others effectively, and engaging teams. Given the rapid generational changes taking place in the global workforce, there are unique skills to consider. We will show you how to establish yourself, plan for success, and polish your communication skills. Our professor will also cover how to master collaborative leadership, build influence strategically, and how to select mentors. Plus, explore how to guide the team, develop others, and build a positive team culture. The course includes several practical action steps to get you moving in the right direction.

Business Presentation

Emotional Intelligence 

It's been shown that success in business is more linked to emotional intelligence than it is to intellectual intelligence or IQ. So let's have a closer look at what emotional intelligence is. The term was originally popularized by Daniel Goleman in his 1995 book, appropriately titled Emotional Intelligence. And it starts with awareness of both what's going on in your own head and also in the heads of others. So it starts with self-awareness and empathy. Then it moves on to influencing your own thoughts and emotions, self-control, self-discipline, self-management, and influencing the thoughts and emotions of others. This sounds a bit manipulative, but it's really just finding ways to work with other people to the best effect by speaking their language, by communicating in a way that works for them. So, taking each of these four areas just briefly, first, how self-aware are you? It's easy to act instinctively without realizing it, to get angry, or to be cautious or bossy or negative…

Video Call with Sign Language
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