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6Sigma Training




1 Weeks

About the Course

Learn the tools needed to support Green Belt level projects.
JumpStart training is the same as the first week of Green Belt. Learn the basics of Six Sigma's DMAIC roadmap and receive an introduction to statistics and Minitab statistical software in this course. Learn to map out processes and identify sources of variation and gain a basic understanding of statistics analysis. The Jumpstart program is ideally suited for those who will support Green and Black Belt project leaders. You may attend the second week of Green Belt certification training later for project certification.

Following the Six Sigma business methodology, you'll use problem solving and data analysis tools in a structured format. Learn ways to bring about incremental improvements and maintain a process within customer specifications that are in line with business goals.

Through lecture and classroom exercises, you'll work through example problems and complete assignments individually and in a group. Completion of exercises and classroom participation is expected throughout the training.

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